Thong Swimsuits

Thong swimsuits, also known as thongs bikinis, are one of the newest styles of swimwear now available . Before the thong bikini, women were wearing full coverage bikini bottoms, that, while comfortable, could bag and sag after over time. If you've been hiding out in the woods for the last decade and don't know what a thong is to begin with, here's a brief introduction to the style that's revolutionized women's intimates.

A thong panty is a sexy style of underwear that has full coverage in the front and minimal coverage in the back. The sides tend to be thin straps or bands while the back only has a wedge of fabric thereby leaving the cheeks exposed. Why would anyone want to wear something like this? Well, for starters, it's actually a much more comfortable than the way it's been described. Of course, certain brands of thongs are more comfortable than others but generally speaking, they're really are quite comfortable to wear. The quality thongs are so comfortable that you don't notice you're even wearing one. Additionally, having zero fabric covering the cheeks means avoiding any unsightly panty lines. You know, the bunched fabric that shows the edge of your underwear? With thong bikinis, since you're obviously not wearing pants over them, the lack of fabric means you can avoid fixing wedgies or repositioning fabric after you get out of the water or hoping that the back isn't sagging too much because the suit's been in too many pools. Another more obvious fact is that your cheeks are left exposed to the rays of the sun, which is good if you're looking to minimize tan lines. Also, since this is swimwear we're talking about, definitely make sure certain areas are properly groomed. Having errant hairs poke out while you're trying to rock a thong bikini on the beach is going to get you a different kind of attention - the kind that you don't want. So avoid the embarrassment and take care of things beforehand. If you've never tried a thong swimsuit, slip one on and decide for yourself if this style is right for you.

Thong Swimsuit

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