Thong Flip Flops

Ahhh, thong flip flops. There's something particularly casual and beach-y about this quintessentially summertime footwear. This sandal is simple in design - it's just a flat sole with a y-shaped thong section that wedges between your big toe and second toe with straps that fall to either side of our foot, connecting to the sole underneath. This loose-fitting and open-toed shoe doesn't have any other features to it, but some stylish women's versions may have an ankle strap. The thong flip flop can be worn by both men and women and are called flip flops for the sounds that they make are you walk in them; you can usually hear someone in flip flops approaching.

They made of all different kinds of material, colors and embellishments. They can be made of rubber, leather, canvas, patent leather or other fabrics. With women's styles the heel height can vary with some versions being a wedge or platform. There are even dressier versions of the thong flip flop using nicer materials and embellishments such as sequins, beading, metal decor, etc.

For those with foot problems, wearing the flip flop for a prolonged period of time can lead to back troubles or achey calves. Because the flip flop is so simple in its flat design, there is usually no arch support in the shoe. So if you have high arches, be sure to look for a flip flop style that offers some arch support.

As with any type of toe-exposing shoe, flip flops should be worn with pedicured feet. Polish and all that isn't necessary, but if you're going to be wearing shoes that expose your piggies to the rest of the world make sure they're presentable. No one wants to see gray, cracked feet with crusty yellowing toes - get a pedicure.

Thong Flip Flop